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Have you observed athletes, entertainers or entrepreneurs that are uber successful, who did not spend a lot of time, maybe just the minimum in school? It’s something to think about as you weigh how to allocate your dollars and energy on higher education. A formal education teaches you a body of knowledge. It grooms you on how to think, how to be resourceful, how to endure challenges. What it may not do for you is open up lucrative income. That part is going to be up to you. Part skill set, part creativity, partly what you embody.

It’s not one’s pursuit of a particular course of study that guarantees open doors. Instead, it’s who you know you are that translates into opportunities. Go to school? Yes, but take the limits off yourself after you do, and go for what’s in your heart.


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Powerful message

Tell your teenagers it’s okay to be who they are. Encourage their individuality. Help them find the outlet for it. And while you’re supporting them, parents or mentors, hit the refresh button on this message for yourself. I love it! It’s on the play list.


Make something happen

IMG_0851Hi Blog Community! I wanted to share an excerpt from my daily devotional with you. It will be out in paperback, just in time for Christmas. Enjoy, and like it if it resonates with you.

Make something happen

Want change? Pursue it. Go after something different and you’ll get something different. Literally, the gear shift for your life is in your mind. Change your thought pattern and you can change your outcome. Fill your mind with positives. Envision yourself healthy. See the success of your children. Build a healthy marriage in your mind. Occupy all the dark corners of doubt in your mind with something good. Choose to see the best in people. See your vocation thriving. Imagine that goal accomplished. Now then, what of your mind? You’ve created a healthy, fertile place to deposit good things. This soil will yield much increase for you.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Philippians 4:8 (ESV)
Excerpt From: Karla U. Taylor, MEd. “One A Day Nuggets For Success.” Taylor. iBooks. This material is protected by copyright.

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No thanks!

When I look back on poor decisions made in pain or emotional turmoil I say, “No thanks”.

From a point of clarity, “No thanks”.

My head is on straight now, so “No thanks “.

I may be alone, but “No thanks”.

From my true self, with courage and conviction. I say again to you, to this, or that – ” No thanks!”

To schedule a Counsel4Living session in the Chicago land  area (Women, Couples and Families). Reach out to:


Well, its finally here!

Fourteen years after the call to write a book.
Two and a half years after my last formal assignment.
It’s not a bird or a plane…. Get where this is going? Lol.

It’s the book! 🎉👏🙌

Yes, One A Day Nuggets For Success is available! I hope it speaks to you. I want it to make you think: “Who am I? Why am I here? Am I fulfilling my purpose? How do I start? Do I have to be what they say I am? How can I move from where I am to where I want to be?” and much more.

This book is why I got a Master’s degree. It’s why I got a license to counsel. Yes, I’ve used those credentials for other reasons. Those reasons all worked together to produce this book.

It’s an e-book,… for now. Yes, I’m still evolving also :).  So let’s journey together. Starting today, and for the next 365 days, take my nuggets One A Day and let’s see where we end up!

Love you all,


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Seek and keep seeking

2015/01/img_1167.jpgThe other day my husband and I purchased a new mat for our mud room. The recent snowfall coupled with multiple trips in and out from the garage made it necessary to transition from our decorator half-moon mats to a heavier utility one.

We settled on the charcoal grey one with deep geometric grooves to help knock the snow off our boots when entering the house. Perfect! At home, our new mat is useful and attractive. There was just one thing. We could actually use another one in that same room. So yesterday I headed back to the store to pick one up, and wouldn’t you know, they were all gone!

I stood there looking at the empty slot where just days earlier there had been a half-dozen of that same mat… Big sigh! I just stood there, as if standing there with strong desire would fulfill my wish. I looked at the information tag beneath the vacant shelf, thinking of checking another location of the same store, when an assistant walked by. I beckoned him and requested a search of inventory for the mat. He told me he was off for the day but would send someone to aisle 10 to help me locate the mat, I waited. Determined to get that mat, I waited some more. After a while, I left that aisle and strolled over to the next one, where there were totally different area and utility rugs. Nothing in this aisle suited me. I scanned the patterns and textures (I’m the kind of shopper who knows exactly what I want) and there! At the bottom of the next aisle mixed in with totally different carpets and misplaced, was the mat I sought!

Yay! I reached for it and just as I did I could hear another assistant in the aisle I had left asking a woman over there if she had requested help finding a stock item? I called to her from my aisle “No it was me, and I found it!” As I pushed my cart to the register to checkout, I pondered how my persistence had paid off.

I didn’t give up! Though the thing I sought didn’t readily avail itself, I eventually got what I was looking for.

It’s a simple story, surrounding a basic life event, with a moral for you today.
Are you looking for something specific? You know what it is, you’ve seen it…. Don’t give up. Hold fast to your desire. Seek and keep seeking. #Counsel4Living

Out this month: One A Day Nuggets For Success.

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