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Have you observed athletes, entertainers or entrepreneurs that are uber successful, who did not spend a lot of time, maybe just the minimum in school? It’s something to think about as you weigh how to allocate your dollars and energy on higher education. A formal education teaches you a body of knowledge. It grooms you on how to think, how to be resourceful, how to endure challenges. What it may not do for you is open up lucrative income. That part is going to be up to you. Part skill set, part creativity, partly what you embody.

It’s not one’s pursuit of a particular course of study that guarantees open doors. Instead, it’s who you know you are that translates into opportunities. Go to school? Yes, but take the limits off yourself after you do, and go for what’s in your heart.


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More hands on deck

This year I’ve been evolving in this whole journey of transition from a group practice to Counsel4Living entrepreneur. For the past 11 months I’ve come out on social media more than before. As a result, many more people know who I am, I participate in quite a few more groups and I’ve had a hand in the development of an app, which I now own.
One thing about going and growing though, is the continuous progression piece that’s necessary.
And so, now I still need to know more people with specialized knowledge regarding apps.
More specifically, I’m looking for an innovative app tester and distributor to help take my app to the world. I realize the value of reaching beyond my boundaries in order to take a service there.
Do you know such a one?  I’d sure like to hear from them… Cause I’m fearlessly taking it to the next level!
All my comments are private until moderated. Thanks blogging community! I can’t wait to hear who you know. 🙂


It takes courage

Bloggers are among my favorite social media friends and here’s why:

Bloggers have courage to tell their stories transparently

Bloggers embody a sense of shared community world-wide

Bloggers are a creative lot

Bloggers are passionate independent thinkers

Many bloggers are business people interested in growing a brand or expanding a sphere of influence because of their passion for “the project” and that energy alone is worth hanging around.

Thanks to all my worldwide comrades of courage.  I wanna be like you “when I grow up”.