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Not next, now… 2/2/2016

Whether you made New Years resolutions or not, It’s still early enough to set a solid course for yourself. If you want progress, the work starts within. This daily devotional is your companion guide for living in 2016. It will ground you, provide encouragement, and give you fresh insight!image

Carry it In your tote bag, keep it at your desk, on your night stand, or read it on the train. Invest some time in yourself early each day. Shore up your spirit and prepare to thrive!


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Who is your God?

Go ahead and make your partner, mate, husband or wife your God. You’ll be disappointed soon. Life is bigger than your primary relationship. Think about it and pursue healthy balance. Nothing lasts that is suffocated. #Counsel4Living

Download my daily living guide for help with pursuing balance in your relationships.

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IMG_1181Are you at an impasse?

It may take a while to move forward and you may be frustrated, but don’t give up. I know, I know you’ve heard this before, but have you heard it recently, just when you needed to hear it?

So this task, project or situation seems insurmountable. Maybe you don’t have the tools to complete it, naturally or emotionally. If you’re clear on one next step, just take that one. Trusting that once you do, the other steps will unfold before you.

It’s Wednesday, you can do it!

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What happens when…

What happens when you didn’t get what you needed as a child, teenager or young adult? Now you’re an adult, but something’s missing.

Take a peek at my book. You may find something inside to aid you in your quest for fulfillment.


And be sure to drop me a line if you discover a healthy path for yourself. I would love to hear from you :).






Well, its finally here!

Fourteen years after the call to write a book.
Two and a half years after my last formal assignment.
It’s not a bird or a plane…. Get where this is going? Lol.

It’s the book! 🎉👏🙌

Yes, One A Day Nuggets For Success is available! I hope it speaks to you. I want it to make you think: “Who am I? Why am I here? Am I fulfilling my purpose? How do I start? Do I have to be what they say I am? How can I move from where I am to where I want to be?” and much more.

This book is why I got a Master’s degree. It’s why I got a license to counsel. Yes, I’ve used those credentials for other reasons. Those reasons all worked together to produce this book.

It’s an e-book,… for now. Yes, I’m still evolving also :).  So let’s journey together. Starting today, and for the next 365 days, take my nuggets One A Day and let’s see where we end up!

Love you all,



The Gift

Great food ✔️

Great family ✔️

Great gift – Jesus in our hearts – ✔️


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Rest and trust

As soon as you loosen your hold on a matter, it’s free to evolve into what it’s meant to be. Stop fretting and trust God. #Counsel4Living

Mark 6:39 (Amp) Then He commanded the people all to recline on the green grass by companies.
Psalm 23:2 (Amp) He makes me lie down in [fresh, tender] green pastures; He leads me beside the still and restful waters.